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All services can be customized and offer flexible pricing for all. 

Daytime Support

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Daytime Support

Overnight Support

  • Holding space for the emotions that process from birth or the postpartum experience

  • Assistance with daily tasks and household management

  • Homemade meals and meal prep

  • Caring for the needs of the baby and/or other members of the family

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Resources for questions, concerns, or education.

  • Customized care for whether you need a nap, a listening ear, baby care, or help with chores, You are not alone.

  • Overnight care for the newborn to allow parents to get some much needed rest

  • Holding space for any and all emotions, concerns, or questions that come from the birth or postpartum experience

  • Household tasks completed to allow parents to wake up to a clean and soothing home such as dishes, laundry, and more

  • Physical and emotional support during the postpartum healing process

  • Assistance with nursing, pumping, and storing milk throughout the night

  • Customized care to meet your exact needs

Sliding Scale and Payment Plans Applicable

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  • Birth support whether the birth is at home, a hospital, or a birthing center. Judgment-free.

  • 24/7 Access to text or call your Doula for any worry or concern.

  • On -call starting at 36 weeks.

  • Physical and emotional support during active labor and delivery

  • Resources and support to aide with pain management and comfort

  • Advocating for your needs amongst doctors, midwifes, or other individuals on your birthing team

  • Protecting your right to informed consent

  • Includes two hours of support after delivery and one in-home visit

  • Optional minimal photography

Sliding Scale and Payment Plans Applicable

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  • Doula at a Distance (Virtual Support)

  • Doula for a Day (short-term Doula support)

  • Birth Photography

  • Travel Doula Support

  • Childbirth Education Classes

  • Mama Meet-Ups via The Village CLT (free resource)

  • Miscarriage and Abortion Support

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